Barrel Saunas With Porch

When considering a Custom Leisure Products Barrel Sauna with a Porch Extension; the total overall length of the sauna is determined by your desired length of interior sauna area plus the length of the Porch Extension. The standard Porch Extension with side Bench is available in either 1ft. 2ft. or 3ft.+ lengths.

Barrel Sauna With Porch

Example: The 7 ft. x 7 ft. x 9 ft. Sauna below has a 7 ft. wide x 7 ft. high x 7 ft. long interior sauna area, plus a 2 ft. Porch Extension for a total overall length of 9 feet.

Barrel Sauna With Porch 2

7’x7’x9′ includes 3′ Porch Extension, Shown here with Optional Accent Windows and Full Length Door. The interior Sauna areas and Porch Extension lengths are available in custom sizes and configurations.

Barrel Saunas with Porch 3

Multi Level Benches with “L” Return Bench are available in most barrel saunas. Shown here with a Wood Fired Heater and heater guard – build to our customer’s specifications.

Barrel Sauna Optional Upper Lowewr Bench

Optional Upper and Lower Bench layout in 7x7x8 Barrel Sauna. We offer several different interior layouts depending on sauna size.

7x7x9 Barrel Sauna with 3′ Porch

Barrel Sauna Cutaway

Barrel Sauna with Porch

6’x6’x8′ includes 2′ Porch Extension

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