Barrel Saunas (8)

What kind of sauna heaters do you provide?
We provide and sell Tylo sauna heaters. We feel these are the best sauna heaters available anywhere. Wood burning and gas fired sauna heaters are also available. We also have available a very popular combination dry / steam heat sauna heater called the Tylo Combi.
What are the electrical requirements for your barrel sauna?
What foundation do I need for a barrel sauna?
What foundation do I need for a barrel sauna?
Should I treat my barrel sauna with a sealer?
What accessories are included with the barrel sauna?
What are the dimensions of the barrel saunas?
Why is your shape different than the other barrel saunas?
What wood do you use for your barrel sauna?

General Questions (2)

How long does it take to get my product once ordered?
Some items available for immediate ship if in stock. If the item is not in stock, within 1-2 days afer we receive payment with your order, we will make every attempt to give you a firm ship date. Generally if the product you ordered is not in stock, it takes 5-10 business days (2 weeks). Sometimes we are able to ship sooner. Other times, due to order volumes and other factors, your shipment may take a little longer. We make every attempt to ship as quickly as possible. Due to the fact that our products are hand finished, we ask that you try to understand that this extra attention to detail takes longer than a product entirely manufactured by machine.
Do you build custom products?

Wood Hot Tubs (9)

What hot tub equipment options are available?
We offer both electric and gas fired equipment packages. Available in a variety of configurations.

Our electronic/digital equipment is especially designed for outdoor installations. It’s 100% water proof and suitable for all weather conditions. Available in 110 & 220 volt configurations with 1.5kw, 5.5kw and 11kw heaters. This standard package ships complete with heater, pump, filter,and light. The system is complete with a weather proof digital tub side controller which enables you to operate the jets pump, blower and light as well as adjust the water temperature and program filtration cycles from inside the tub.

Our gas equipment package is also designed for outdoor installations. It ships complete with heater, pump, filter, and light. It also includes a programmable time clock and pneumatic tub side on/off air actuator switches to operate pump, blower and light. Gas heaters are available in 50,000 through 150,000 BTU output with electronic ignition and thermostat, please specify natural or propane gas.

* Optional blower is available.


Can you supply custom depth hot tubs?
What foundation do I need for a barrel sauna?
How long will a wooden hot tub last?
How difficult is it to assemble and install a wooden hot tub?
What type of foundation is recommended for a hot tub?
What size hot tub do I need?
What are the true outside dimensions of your hot ?
How far away can I locate my hot tub equipment?
How much does the tub weigh when it is filled?

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