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Outdoor Equipment System by Hydroquip THE SMART CHOICE

The Hydro-Quip/Balboa solid state CS8800 series equipment system represents the finest in outdoor systems on the market today.  No other manufacturer’s outdoor equipment system offer such an extensive array of available options or provides the same level of time and money saving features.

From the ease of installation, to the efficiency of their products and their exclusive troubleshooting features, will make you glad you made the “Smart Choice” and chose equipment by Hydro-Quip/Balboa, the industry’s oldest and most trusted name in the business.

CS8800 All Electric Equipment System:

Hydroquip CS8800

CS8800 Series – Solid-State – Outdoor Equipment System
This complete skid mounted equipment system can be installed near the tub or remotely located up to 100+ feet away. Optional  Equipment Systems are available by HydroQuip and others.

Equipment Features


  • Outdoor Weather-tight Construction
  • Digital Tub Side Touch Pad
  • 5.5/11KW Heater Assembly
  • 2 Speed Pump ( various HP & Voltage )
  • Electric and/or Gas Ready
  • Blower Circuit
  • Ionizer Circuit
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Exclusive:

  • Smart-Freeze Protection
  • HT-II Tub Side Control, 25′ cord ( Longer Available )
  • “Paint-Lock” rust proof enclose
  • Detailed Owners Manual
  • Optional Equipment Control

  • In House Control Panel
  • Auxillay Tub Side Control Panel
  • WIFI Module
  • CS 8800 Manual-3 PDF

    Digital Tub Side Touch Pad:
    Digital Tub Side Touch Pad

    The Equipment System “Touch Pad” is typically mounted next to the tub or
    into the tub surround within arms reach for easy access to all command

    CS 8800 Touch Pad PDF

    Optional Gas Fired Equipment System:

    Gas Heater Filter and Pump

    Description: No pilot light equals no hassle! Hayward has developed an induced draft heater for above ground pools, spas and hot tubs that combines state-of-the-art technology with ease of operation and superior performance. Featuring an electronic, direct spark ignition system and an energy-efficient FireTile lined combustion chamber; the Hayward heater provides 100,000 BTU input, while delivering 81% thermal efficiency and quick heating.

    Hayward “H” Series Brochure PDF
    Hayward “H” Series Manual PDF

    Pneumatic Time Clock by Len Gordon
    (used with Gas Heater option)
    Provides programmable heating and filtration cycles.
    with tub side on/off air buttons with optional deck mounting plate.

    Len Gordon

    Air buttons and deck plate PDF
    Len Gordon Time Clock with Air Buttons PDF

    Light Kit – Includes 120/12 volt Transformer, Built-in Air Switch, Power Cord, Through Wall Light assmebly with Colored Lenses (used with gas heater option and air button)

    Hot Tub Light Kit

    Pump(s) by Waterway:

    Waterway Pumps

    Pump Features:
    * Executive Wet End
    * Large 2″ intake for improved flow performance and reduced noise
    * Large 6 1/2″ diameter wet end for higher head pressure
    * Thermally protected to extend life expectancy of motor
    * Highly versatile wet end can be rotated every 90 degrees
    * Viton seals
    * 2-year warranty on motor, 3-year on wet end

    Ionizer – for natural spa water:
    Water Sanitizer/Purification System by ClearBlue Ionizer
    Hot Tub Ionizer

    For a fraction of the cost of harsh chemicals, you can eliminate their negative effects with a reliable and healthy alternative. Our Ionizer System kills bacteria and algae in your tub. The ionizer electrodes are energized with DC voltage to produce copper and zinc ions. These copper and zinc ions attack and kill the bacteria and algae and can reduce chemical usage by 80-90%.

    Ionizer – For Natural Hot Tub Water
    Our included Ionizer will save you hundreds of dollars every year and provide the following benefits:

    Save 80% to 90% on the cost of harsh and unpleasant chemicals
    Low Initial Cost
    Superior Water quality
    No More Algae Problems
    No More Red Itchy Eyes
    No More Dried Out Skin
    Simple to Operate
    Tub and Decking Surfaces and Equipment will Last Longer

    How our Ionizer Works
    Ionizers kill bacteria and algae. The ionizer electrodes have a small DC voltage applied to them which forces ions to pass from one electrode to the other. The ions are caught up in the water as they pass between the electrodes. These ions attack and kill the bacteria and algae in your tub water. To maintain clean, clear water all you need to do is maintain a low .2 ppm of chlorine or .4 ppm of bromine in your pool or spa. This is about 1/10th the amount required without an ionizer. So, stop relaxing in harsh expensive chemicals and enjoy the spring like water of an ionized hot tub.

    What Chemicals Will I Needed to Use With an Ionizer?
    It is necessary to maintain a constant chlorine level of .2 ppm with chlorine and .4 ppm with bromine. It has been proven that maintaining .2 ppm chlorine and .2 ppm copper is more effective sanitation than using just chlorine at 2 ppm. You will need to maintain the copper level at .3 ppm. You must also maintain your pH between 7.2 and 7.6.

    Waterway Pool Filters

    Trident Pool King

    Our Top Loading cartridge filters offer superior value and reliability. With their ease of installation, compatibility with all water environments, including salt water make them the right choice for your hot tub systems. It’s important to provide adequate filtration without running the pump longer than need be. We size our filters per tub water capacity. One size does not fit all applications. 25-100 sq./ft.

    Massage Jets by Waterway:

    Massage-Jets-by-WaterwayCustom Jet Placement

    Jet Features:
    Adjustable – for both water velocity & direction
    High Flow – Large 1 1/2″ water connections

    Full Circular Hot Tub Bench – standard
    Sectional – Multi-level benching available

    Circular-Hot-Tub-Benchsectional hot tub benchtub with bench

    Hot Tub Cover Color Selection Brown – “most popular” , Teal,Navy,Light Blue,Hunter Green,Tan,Almond,Black,Light Grey,Charcoal,Burgundy,White.

    Hot Tub Cover

    Hot Tub Cover

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