Cedar Wood Tanks

Cold Plunge Tanks & Rain Barrel Water Storage Tanks

Cedar Tub Water Tanks

We can provide you with the tank you need. Either made ready for a hot tub or rain barrel for water storage use.

Each Tank is handcrafted using 100%, 2″ nominal Clear All Heart Old Growth Western Red Cedar and built to last many years.  Besides our standard sizes we can custom build a tank to meet your particular needs. We will work to ensure you get the tank you want.

Our Tank Staves are precision milled with a Ball & Socket Joint. Our Ball & Socket Joints provide more sealing surface than butt stave joints. Tank bottom boards are invisibly secured with “Wedged” Tongue and Grooved joints which produce an extremely strong and smooth surface.

Precision Milling: Each cedar tub is manufactured to exacting specifications. Our hot tub staves are precision milled with Ball & Socket Joints. Our Ball & Socket Joints provide more sealing surface  than butt stave joints. The wood hot tub bottom boards are invisibly  secured with “Wedged” Tongue and Grooved joints which produce an extremely strong and smooth surface.


Cedar Wood Water Tank 6FT

Cedar Water Tub & Tank Specification:

* 2″ nominal Clear All Heart Western Red Cedar Staves
* Ball & Socket Stave Joints
* Wedged Tongue & Groove Tank Bottom Joints
* Stainless Steel Compression Bands
* 4″ x 6″ Pressure Treated Tank Supports (not 4×4’s)
* Completely pre-cut and pre-drilled for thru wall fittings
* All components are labeled and packaged ready for assembly
* Step by Step Illustrated Installation Instruction Manual

Wood Tank Prices
Prices include: Complete tank with bottom, chine joists and compression bands. Benching is not included (see below for prices)

ModelDiameter X HeightPrice
ModelDiameter X HeightPrice
4304' X 3'$1,470.00
4354' X 3.5'$1,560.00
4404' X 4'$1,650.00
5305' X 3'$1,910.00
5355' X 3.5'$2,040.00
5405' X 4'$2,160.00
6306' X 3'$2,430.00
6356' X 3.5'$2,575.00
6406' X 4'$2,720.00
7307' X 3'$3,245.00
7357' X 3.5'$3,415.00
7407' X 4'$3,590.00
8308' X 3'$4,510.00
8358' X 3.5'$4,640.00
8408' X 4'$4,770.00

Optional Cedar Tub Benches Pricing

cedar hot tub benches

Bench DiameterPrice
Bench DiameterPrice
4' Diameter Tub Bench:$299.00
5' Diameter Tub Bench:$325.00
6' Diameter Tub Bench:$420.00
7' Diameter Tub Bench:$539.00
8' Diameter Tub Bench:$685.00

Note: If your replacing your old hot tub we can help you with everything needed to get your new tub up and running again. Contact us to discuss a customized plumbing package including: jets, suction fittings, hose or any other components you may need.

Payments Accepted
We accept all major credit cards, e-checks, bank wire transfers,
personal and business checks.